60+ Best Music Status | Music Quotes for Whatsapp 2017

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Music Status

Top 10 Latest Music Status And Quotes:

  • 1 – Someone once asked me: Why do you love music so much?
  • 2 – What? I can’t hear you my headphones on so you have to type louder.
  • 3 – All it takes in song to bring back memories.
  • 4 – Music gives a soul to the universe wings to the mind flight to the imagination and life to everything.
  • 5 – Blasting my music to see if I can wake the neighbors up if I don’t come back soon they probably called the cops on me.
  • 6 – I’m listening to a magical device that is singing to me.
  • 7 – No matter how bad you sing for her shell smile
  • 8 – The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous unified and evocative composition as through melody harmony rhythm and timbre.
  • 9 – The only truth is Music.
  • 10 – Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

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Amazing Music Status for Whatsapp 2017:

11 – When you’re happy you enjoy the music but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.

12 – I hate it when I’m singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong.

13 – My favorite music is your voice.

14 – Music is love is music. Music is life and I love my life. Thank you and Good night.

15 – I would rather listen to someone other than me sing and that does not include you.

16 – I’m a really bad singer. No one wants to hear me sing. That why Im listening to other people sing.

17 – Music always put me in a good mood when nobody else can.

18 – Behind every girls favorite song is an untold story.

19 – When you’re happy you enjoy the music when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.

20 – Songs are so much better when you haven`t listened to them in a long time.

21 – Music is a life that`s why our hearts have beats.

22 – I can’t explain but I’ll find a song that can.

23 – Sometimes my neighbors love my music so much that they invite the police to listen.

24 – My ears were getting bored so I decided to make them happy.

25 – Once I put on my headphones my life becomes a music video.

26 – Do you ever just break out in a song when you hear a certain word?

27 – The real trouble with reality is that threes no background music.

28 – Take my pain turn it into music. Mistakes might break us but that what makes us human.

29 – Good music doesn’t have an expiration date.

30 – Melody is the thought the movement and the soul of music.

31 – Music Is My Life.

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Outstanding Music Quotes for Facebook in English:

32 – Music can change the world because it can change people.

33 – Music has carried me away from the computer.

34 – At times I fit into lyrics more than I fit into life.

35 – I can’t go a day without listening to music.

36 – You teach people how to treat you by what you allow what you stop and what you reinforce.

37 – Let the music take me to those places I dream of.

38 – The beauty of music is in its simplicity and naturalness.

39 – Can’t hear you listening to music.

40 – I’d rather listen to my music than to you.

41 – Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or bad day the power of music can change ones mood.

42 – I wish you listen closer to the songs I play. Because the lyrics speak the words I fail to say.

43 – I’m tuned in to a tune.

44 – Where words fail music speaks.

45 – I hate when I have to pause my Music every time someone Talks to me

46 – Do you like Music? Do you like Breathing?

47 – Music says everything without mentioning anything.

48 – One good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain.

49 – The way you feel while mumbling through that part of the song you don’t know is how I feel about all my life decisions.

50 – Lose yourself in the Music.

51 – Music Connects People

52 – Some songs can make you cry when you hear them.  But actually it isn’t the songs it’s the people behind the memories.

53 – Listening to music helps keeps minds active and memories alive.

54 – Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need.

55 – Where Words Fail Music Speaks

56 – I replied: Because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone.

57 – Without Music Life would be a Mistake.

58 – Sometimes I feel like the only one that likes music that I played with actual instruments

59 – Love is like hearing your favorite song for the first time. Then listening to it over and over again till you hate that song.

60 – Music Is A life That`s why Our Hearts Have Beats.

61 – At the end Music is my only friend; in an endless night

62 – People are like Music some say the Truth and rest just noise.

63 – Music is life. That why our hearts have beats.

64 – I Love Music Status.


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