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Top 10 Amazing Arrow TV Show Status:

  • 1 – Oliver: I appreciate that, but I don’t need a date.  Susan: No, but you need a friend, even more than you need that drink.
  • 2 – I’m not just a cutthroat political operative. I contain multitudes.
  • 3 – It’s really sweet you think that I can be replaced.
  • 4 – Suit Up! Oh, is that just your thing?
  • 5 – About time, blondie, can we go now?
  • 6 – These killings are some kind of message that Prometheus is sending to Oliver.
  • 7 – Diggle: He’s not human anymore. Darhk: Oh, I’m still human. Just better.
  • 8 – Oh…wow. I’m sorry, I just gotta look. Did you sew that in yourself or do you have some sort of lip sewing guy? Famous Arrow Quotes
  • 9 – The only reason you’re still breathing is because one of us is still human.
  • 10 – She’s always been there. She’s my rock. She was my rock.

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Arrow TV Series Quotes in English:

11 – I’m so angry, I can hardly breathe.

12 – Christopher: Speak of the devil.  Felicity: Oh, am I the devil now?

13 – I’m sorry Oliver. I can’t take another day here.

14 – So, wait, there’s training? I’m out.

15 – I’m sorry. Did I leave you with the impression I was a rational guy?

16 – Oliver:I found the bomb.  Felicity: No, no, no. That’s no “A” bomb. That’s, one, two, three, four bombs. Famous Arrow Quotes and Sayings

17 – You’re at war with two sides of yourself.

18 – Prometheus is saying you’re the killer.

19 – If Samson is building an army, then I’m going to need mine.

20 – How are we supposed to get to the SCPD, call an Uber or something?

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Outstanding Arrow TV Series Sayings:

21 – Rory: Do I even want to ask how you found me? Felicity: Is that a trick question?

22 – See how easy it is to think first and kill people later?

23 – You two give the rest of us hope.

24 – Laurel: You think Merlyn played Andy? Oliver: What if Andy is playing us?

25 – Front doors are more for people who haven’t just faked their death.

26 – Right now, Johnny, you’re not acting like the man I married. You’re the man I divorced. Arrow Quotes and Status

27 – That has always been the way with us, Felicity. You are the one who brings the light.

28 – I have no idea what you’re talking about. Just get the son of a bitch.

29 – Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

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